Structure Energy Review

Structure Energy Review - Duncanville's Best AC & Heating Repair LLC

1. How many hours - per day - is site occupied?

2. Checking Air Filter & Duct Systems

3. Thermographic Scan

a. Temperature difference to be 20°F

b. Temperature Difference at 2 hours

c. Finding air infiltration leaks 

 Note discoloration of molding.    

4. Air Conditioner System Size?

a. When was system last serviced?

b. How large is the home = sq. ft.?

c. Year home was constructed?

d. Ultrasound – Compressor Electrical Contactor Inspection.

Inspection Service Costs

Site Energy Review Costs

One AC Unit or up to 3,500 sq. ft. = $179.00 including final report.

Two AC units or up to 5,000 sq. ft. =

$199.00 including final report.

Above 5,000 sq. ft. or additional AC units to be priced per location.

Air Condition & Heating

System Inspections and Service available upon request by Texas Licensed Master Technician.

Consisting of:

  1. Compressor Freon Inspection
  2. Compressor Coil Inspection
  3. Compressor Primary Contactor Inspection
  4. Compressor Power Factor Module Test
  5. Indoor Condenser Inspection
  6. Indoor Filter Inspection

    Cost not to exceed $99.00

If Freon is added? to be at separate pricing.

John E. Davis

Program Manager

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