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Do you notice that your AC slows down in cooling your residence than it normally? Are you noticing hot or cold areas in your home?

In the event that the solution to one of the above inquiries is “Yes,” it might be due to issues with your ducts, and your ductwork could need to be repaired or replaced. Repairing or replacing damaged ductwork can significantly reduce heating and cooling expenses as well as provide more comfort and stability of temperature throughout your home.

Duncanville’s Best AC & Heating Repair by AC Repair DFW is among the most reliable and trusted duct repair businesses. Serving small residential duct systems, to larger commercial ductwork, there are no heating or cooling ducts we aren’t able to manage!

What is Ductwork?

Ductwork is similar to straws; it carries air from one location to another (for instance, from your AC blower to the inside of your house). Ductwork is typically comprised of pre-insulated fiberglass duct board, or malleable plastic however, it could also be constructed from ductwork made of sheet metal (a pipe made of sheet metal) that is then insulated after it has been installed.

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Common ductwork problems

  • The ductwork that is aging may be beginning to deteriorate. Depending on the type of ductwork that is in your home, over typically between 10 and 10 years the outer liner begins or is beginning to break down and the insulation begins to fall off. If this happens in an attic that is over 100 degrees it could mean that the temperature of the air will be 10-15 degrees warmer when it enters your home and can result in an increase in heating and cooling costs of between 40 and 60 percentage. To address this problem, all damaged or damaged ductwork should be replaced.
  • Leaks in the air ducts occur when duct sealants that are old begin to fail or the contractor who installed it didn’t properly protect the ductwork.
  • Rodents, like squirrels and rats, can also damage the ductwork while searching for a nest that is cool in the Texas hot weather. It is a good idea to inspect your attic if there was previously encountered rodent problems.

One of the primary reasons for duct issues

Ducted cooling and heating systems are set up in that they’re concealed and out of our view, therefore when they need to be repaired We don’t notice it when the air conditioning is very poor.

A large number of heating systems that are ducted and air conditioning have problems and create issues over time. Many of these issues result from rats and possums, as well as cats and other creatures. They gnaw their way through the ductwork, hoping to find an enchanted and safe place to live, and leave the AC pipes damaged. They aren’t visible however, you may detect them or smell the odor.

One of the primary reasons for duct issues

The damage caused by possums is extensive and vast, and in most cases all AC ducts require replacement. Duncanville’s top AC and Heating Repair team of duct repairers is specialized in identifying these issues and offering solutions to solve the issue.

Other animals, like dogs, cats, wombats, too, are also able to settle in the ducts to warm themselves and warm, leaving the AC vents damaged and limiting the flow of air.

A few ducts are damaged as a result of flooding. When water is able to get inside the AC ducts, the water remains for a long time, causing the ducts to shrink and become damaged. Sometimes, people get into the ductwork and crush and cause damage to the ducts. Some times it’s due to improper installation or being unable to access the air conditioning vents being far away from the heating system, the airflow is reduced in certain areas of the home

Duncanville’s Best AC & Heating Repair by AC Repair DFW will perform an exhaustive inspection of the ductwork within your home to identify the extent of repairs required. Inspection of ductwork is 90 percent visual. On contrary there are occasions when an infrared camera can be used for a thorough inspection of the difficult-to-see areas of the ductwork.

Duncanville’s Best AC & Heating Repair by AC Repair DFW will also conduct an air balance test. Most of the calls we get are due to one area of the house is too hot or cool and suggests the need to balance the airflow in your house. This is accomplished by installing dampers and making changes and making use of advanced equipment (such as an airflow meter or bolometer) to gauge the airflow speed in the area affected.

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